New York Area Bisexual Network (nyabn) wrote in brendahoward,
New York Area Bisexual Network

TONIGHT! NYC Bi PRIDE Party 2011 upstairs at the Stonewall Inn

We're having a Bi PRIDE Party and YOU are Invited!!!

Hey folks,

Join us this Saturday, June 18, from 5-10pm upstairs at the historic Stonewall Inn in NYC's Greenwich Village for libations and entertainment with a fluid focus in NYC.NYC's BiRequest PARTY!!

When the boredom sets in from the "Official Pride Rally" at Bryant Park, and the sun begins to set on the Mermaids and Mermen of Coney Island, come cool off with a friendly drink and some with the NYC Bisexual Community.

Drinks and hor's d'eovures at 5pm, and our program starts at 6pm. At 7pm we get improv comedy with a twist of fluidity, and at 8:30pm bring out your sexy gear for a big ol fashion show. Entertainers will have us singing, laughing and tapping our toes, (and Paul will celebrate his Bday!)

Please invite all your bi & bi-friendly friends to invite all their bi & bi-friendly friends . . . and so on, and so on. Eventually some folks in the NYC area will be invited who would never know about it otherwise.

Wear pink-purple-blue as our Bi Pride colors!!!

Fluidly yours,
Paul Nocera

and PS if you're on Facebook please also check in with us for the Party and for next Sunday's Pride March (also on Meetup, Upcoming and Yelp)

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