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[Lesbian News] Rose By Any Other Name: Cast Interviews

It's about a lesbian. It's about a man. It's about to get confusing!

The Lesbian News, Cover August 2011: FenceSitter Films's Rose by Any Other Name (Fay Wolf, Stephanie Reibel, Kristen Howe)The web series Rose By Any Other Name. . . follows the main characters Rose (Stephanie Reibel), a comfortably out lesbian and Anthony (Kyle Schickner), a progressive straight man. The two serendipitously meet and then unexpectedly find themselves falling for each other. Rose has to navigate the reaction of her lesbian friends, best friend Veronica (Fay Wolf) and the couple Jo (Kristen Howe) and Holly (Jamie Michaels) . . . they aren't thrilled . . . while Anthony too has to deal with his friends Marc (Jay Burns), Eric (Oren Skoog) and Chris (Steph Davis) who are equally nonplussed.

While Season 1 focused on the initial meeting between lesbian Rose and straight Anthony and how they and their friends dealt with the less than traditional relationship, Season 2 delves further into Rose’s process which sends her to a bisexual support group. It also explores the sweet relationship between Rose’s friends, a lesbian couple Joe and Holly and their first tentative steps to having a baby. The show breaks ground by being the first show to put Bisexuality center stage without being heavy-handed or preachy.

Beyond the politics and the controversial aspects of the issues is the simple storyline of a woman falling in love. The show does a nice juggling act bouncing between Rose’s lesbian friends, Anthony’s straight world and the looming presence of Bisexuality, while making the viewer, straight, gay or in between, feel like the web series is just for them.

In it August 2011 Cover Story, the Lesbian News sat down with three of the actors (Stephanie Reibel, Kristen Howe and Fay Wolf) who star in this ground-breaking series to talk about their lives, their roles in the series, and more.

watch the series:
Rose By Any Other Name. . . (SEASON 1)

Rose By Any Other Name. . . (SEASON 2 EPISODE 1)
Rose By Any Other Name. . . (SEASON 2 EPISODE 2)
Rose By Any Other Name. . . (SEASON 2 EPISODE 3)
Rose By Any Other Name. . . (SEASON 2 EPISODE 4)

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